Easier Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents and Employers

In the last few years, owning and carrying a cell phone has become a way of life. Nowadays, people seem to not be able to function properly without their precious phone, and this is especially true fo10r younger kids and teens. Cell phones are now even handed out to employees by businesses so they are able to conduct company tasks and stay in contact.

With that, there are plenty of different reasons why parents and employers opt for cell phone monitoring software, and many of these reasons are brought on without malicious intent. Mostly parents and employers are more concerned with protecting their children, employees, and the properly they’ve purchased for them to use. You can get some useful information about OnRecycle from this www.onrecycle.co.uk .

To better keep track of the activities taking place on their cell phones, parents and employers can install cell phone monitoring software such as Mobile Spy onto the cell phones they have provided to their kids and employees. After installation directly onto the cell phone to be monitored, this monitoring software helps make sure the phone is being used properly. Below is a quick list of some of the outstanding monitoring features offered by the Mobile Spy software:

Available Monitoring Features

  • Web History: View a list of all web sites visited on the monitored phone.
  • SMS Texts/Call Info: Users are able to view complete logs of all incoming and outgoing SMS texts and call history.
  • Photos/Videos: Monitor all photos and videos taken using the cell phones camera.
  • GPS Locations: Keep track of a list of GPS locations wish a link to a map to pinpoint the exact location of the phone.
  • Social Networking Logs: Monitor activities on social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and even YouTube.
  • Apps Installed: Parents and employers can view a list of all apps installed on the cell phone including preloaded and downloaded apps.
  • Block Apps: From the list of apps installed, users can now even block apps they don’t want kids and employees to have access to.
  • LIVE Control Panel: As an optional add-on, parents and employers can view the screen of the monitored cell phone in real time, and can get instant GPS locations. Users also will have access to remote SMS commands to lock/unlock the phone, get SIM info, and more.

Cell phones are now an integral part of our everyday way of life in our homes and at work. Thanks to high tech monitoring software such as Mobile Spy, parents and employers can keep up with what is going on a lot easier, and see exactly what their phones are being used for when they are not around.

More Kids Own New iPhone; Don’t Forget Monitoring Software

There are quite obvious reasons why there is a possibility that more kids could now own an iPhone. As Apple’s new iPhone 5C is selling at a price of $99 under a carrier contract that could easily lure many tween, teens and young kids to asking their parents to get them at least one iPhone if not many! The problem is parents would find it tough to delay their smartphone use and many younger kids will start owning these powerful handy computers a lot sooner.

Why an iPhone only?

Well for starters, it’s Apple and they get the sundries attention. If in case you are on a budget then since Apple has brand new iPhones selling across the globe, the older ones are available for less or even free under a contract. The new iPhone 5C becomes a budget phone in many families and a preferred choice.

Get your iPhone 4S and enjoy the new iOS 7

It’s true as this will work if you are looking for a decent camera (actually very powerful), great interface, Apple brand name and want to keep the cost low. Apple recently made its new iOS 7 available for download which gives a very NEW feel to any new or existing iPhone.

Let’s wrap-up some features of iOS 7

The new iOS 7 brings with it a more fluid feel (can take some time though) and despite the flat view it has 3D view for safari tabs. A better Control panel for quick toggles for camera, flashlight, calendar, calculator and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, lock, airplane mode and do not disturb modes (quite like Android).  The home screen has more accent colors where text has been given more importance to emphasize content and utility.